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Wow, I must say that I can't resist myself to activate this blog again. Several topics that was on my blog here is unlikely forbidden in my UI blog, especially the liberal part and politics. Since that blog are hanging on many planets, not like this one, I kinda restrain my self. But, several friends even a comment from Kun, suggested that I write my thoughts here. Yes, I want my libre mind here.


I am distracted by the way of today's manga, especially in Shonnen. What I mean manga here is a graphic novel (comic for you) written with Japanese style (Manga) or Korean (Manhwa). Those are similar so I called them manga. Shonnen is a genre in manga that segmented its story towards young men (teenager). See wikipedia and google for it yourself for more detail.


There is a concern about today's manga that I feel like to share with you. There are two things that what in today's theme: merchandise and sex. There is nothing wrong with both of them. But, they are being exposed promptly that it would take a questioning of whether those will affect our urban way of thinking. 

Merchandise based topic usually center around devices and Mecha. There is nothing wrong with that! But, sometimes the story tainted because of that. So sickened tainted that there is this popular serial that have an episode where a robot would appear about ~3 seconds, the robot itself have no way in the storyline. Then, the robot sold as a featured.

One sick way to ruin a good movie is like to force the storytelling to include some devices. This indecency has been caught up especially from B****i production. This insanity goes funky even by ruining a good story by escalating technology beyond natural ways. I mean, there is this story that having robot walks around heavily and looks like a tank shaped as robot. Then, in the next session of the story all of them flew, even the old model.

How fast this evolve?

If you have watched "Dash! Yankuro" and compare it to "Pokemon" and then the latest "Gundam", you would see how this mortifying.

In "Dash! Yankuro", you would see Tamiya wants to market its product line in elegant way. The story is around Yankuro and the story is not about the model car itself. Then, the "Pokemon" series were taken as a catalyst of how would you like to fantasize your "Pokemon" world. Then, the latest Gundam came as a commercial wrapped with the same story.

Everything moving on a vulgar way. The company that sells toys doesn't hesitate to take the movie as a catalog.

Now the sex thing, which is the main topic.

I was compare the 80s, 90s, and 2007+ comics. There is quite a shocking knowledge. As society change, so does the story change and the way people think and accept.

Hmm... I am getting dull, so I skip my review and fast forward to...

Today's manga is vulgar, there would be erotic scenes known as fan services on almost every new series. Today's erotic manga (known as hentai) also being written toward hardcore otaku. That's why the story so typical: a lame boy that meets top quality lady(s) and getting hooked.

The lame boy usually have a cheeky style with usual hairstyle, wear glasses, and ordinary dress. The girl(s) usually top class student, hot childhood friend, or a princess. The erotic manga even take it to another level: the girl herself that wants to submit her body. Something in common, harem type of story also flourishing as well. Siblings relationships, incests, loli/shota-con (little girl/little boy complex) are also have become one of the stereotypes. Which is, cmmiw, impossible in today's society!

I said today's society because there is no telling about it tomorrow, it would even be a common way of them. You may find it swinger is not possible in these day, but don't know about tomorrow. Sex party are getting known these days towards our society. Many surveys indicate that many teenagers have already having intercourse with each other. In 2008, Oprah even opens a fact about using web cam for child prostitution.

I'm not trying to be a saint nor trying to set an example here. As far as my amateurish research indicate, there is a several factor going on here:

The society changing, from a big family consisting grand parents, parents, sibling, and children on a house, going into satellite family, consists of mom, dad, and children. But, that's not it, some family even getting funky by taking the household maid as a part of family. Yes, the maid becomes family of your child, not you.

If in the past, values and moral passed down to their children and grandchildren in a passionate way. They were directly taught and guided through every day interaction. With the satellite type of family, well, who would have the time to teach your child?

Who would teach your children to behave well, to survive in the real world? Who would have the courage to tell what is right and what is wrong?

I'll tell you: it's the environment that influence them.

It may be:

  • The TV/Games that they watch.
  • Their friends with various background and knowledge.
  • The Internet.

Hey, where is the teacher? Where is the... you?

Today's environment is like Neverland, the children are not exposed to the harsh environment. They even enjoy every dime of their parents. That's the advantage of being born in a baby boomer generation. I don't mean that it's alright to let the children suffer. On the contrary, don't let them suffer!

Inform them of the real world and consequences.

There is a reason why I don't like American cartoon. They don't let any of violence on the cartoon, but they would do pranks! I mean, what's the meaning of Tom & Jerry? I feel that this is a sadistic movie, trying to turn your children into sadistic prankster.

Why sadistic prankster?

In that cartoon, Tom would never dies or even bleeding from any tragedy. Sometimes, he make his pranks on Jerry without a reason, vice versa. The bull dog always "taking care" of Tom, no matter what was the reason, even if Jerry was the one that pulling the stunts.


I prefer showing Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X). It would inform you that the one that you killed could be someone's lover, someone's family member, etc. It teach you that killing a person is not like killing an ant.

But, does that aspect have into your mind when you watched Rurouni Kenshin? I did few years later after deep thinking, but I don't expect many of you did.

Of course, Anime/manga is not a best source to get it right. You are!

Okay, I'm sleepy. There are more things I would like to cover. Things like: how to inform them the best way, providing the right comfort, etc.



  1. Well actually, I dont mind any fan services. But if they just emphasize that at the expense of its manga quality I just stop reading. I already ditched Naruto and Bleach, and feel great about it. I now mainly follow One Piece (shounen cliche but great plot setup and storytelling) and Hunter x Hunter (anti-shounen formula, no supersaiyan power up bullshit written by a mangaka who considered untouchable even by Shonen Jump)

    anyway the most worrying things are local content. when I was a kid, parents easily could say 'thats a western culture, dont do that here' if their kids saw any inappropriate stuff on media. now you cant say that, since our beloved actors/actresses do that kinda stuff (and other ridiculus shits). added to that, (popular) Indonesian cinema is going down, alll the way down.

    Oh and theres something interesting. In North America, violence is completely acceptable compared to the nudity/sex. Audience hates it and envies Europe policy lol. Fox news for the lose.

    Btw I cant use arrow keys to move the cursor while writing this very comment.

  2. Kudos on the manga topics. I even got embarrassed browsing for mangas these days eventho what i was lookin for was the Perfect Girl Evolution series.

    OMG, so many cheaply cover and titles in manga nowadays, it made me sick.

    I mean, not only did they NOT provide the great story line whatsoever, but the quality of the drawing... meh...!!

    Kinda miss the cutie sweety manga in the past, something like Death Note and Monster..

  3. @kusut:
    I don't do anything with this, it's a theme by blogspot.

    Yes, there are a lot of mangas that don't like the pass where the story is intense.


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