There are two powerful elements that make a nation formidable, one is nationalism and second is the education.

Nationalism is born out of the love and the feeling of belonging to a nation. Those desire a dream of a strong concept of an organization of people called a country.

How can people be fond of their nation when they are treated not equal? The West Hindia Administration once have made clusters of people. The first class is the Europeans, the second class is the comers (Indians, Chinese, etc), and the last, the Sudra, the Inlander.

This is right at the time, West Hindia was one of Netherland's colony. They have the right to be wrong. They have the politic of "Divide et Impera", divide the country in order to conquest/rule properly.

But, why our government, starting with Soekarno and sadly until now, making the same mistake?

I don't like my fellow countrymen have to have crippled rights. Let's think about it! Although they may only have been here by six to seven generations, they should be considered an inlander already. This country, Indonesia, just only aged at three generations at most. So, when the full nation at arms, their grandfathers (and grandma) defend their great great grandfathers' home. This means they also participated and lived in the same nation and in the same fate for the liberation of their inherited lands (and sea).

For God's sake, just let them have the same ID as ours, because they are us too!

Let we love our Indonesia for she is ours. Let we love her products and take it for content.

Alas, what about education???

Remember this, there would be eruption of chaos 5 years from now on. There would be a riot triggered suddenly and you, YES, YOU, are the one causing it.

When you have close the door of education, you have make people loosing the right to do the right thing, which in the end they only have the alternative of choosing the greedy algorithm.

Those greed will erupted and you may have no change to escape because you are in the middle of riot and you cannot go to the airport because of the streets full of people trying to exist.

Yeah, enjoy your corruption, high fees, different outfit each semester, and different text book each year. But, remember those are the grave you have put into yourselves and your children.

Ah males gw....
Sebelum seseorang menikah, ada pertanyaan serius yang ditanyakan kepada pasangannya. Berikut bentuk-bentuk pertanyaannya yang berubah seiring waktu.

Tahun 70an ke bawah:
"Kamu dari keluarga baik-baik, kan?"

Tahun 80an:
"Kamu masih perjaka/perawan, kan?"

Tahun 90an:
"Kamu tidak kena AIDS, kan?"

Tahun 2000an ke atas:
"Kamu bukan trans, kan?"


Adam and Steve met in paradise.
Waspadalah.. Waspadalah..

Ada banyak spoiler Harry Potter out there...!
Once upon a time, there was a planet called Hiruk Pikuk. The planet is full of inhabitants. Many of them live in high density places.

The most common words (as if it was in their own bible) for them:
"F*ck off"
"Don't touch me"
"Hey, that's mine"
"Don't you dare..."
"Sh*t, I don't have time for this!"

But, the most popular word is, the unspoken word. Gestures of silence.

Now, the planet have forbidden language that it seems like they were awful, those are:
"Thank you"
"After you"
"How do you do?"
"It's a nice day"
"Thanks God I'm alive"

Are you live in there?
In my interview yesterday, the interviewer asked of what is the barrier of the ICT in University of Indonesia. I simply answered that we lacked of human resource concerning the fast growth of technology. But, we tried to cover the vast area with current human resource.

Well, because of the interview was by phone, I felt like not so well explaining the thing by phone. I forgot to mention it wasn't because of our ICT staffs was lack of technology sense so that I claimed we are quite behind from the actual ICT technology. It was because we are always trying in the front of anyone so we are adept to the current technology.

But, let me ask you something. Have you notice that is a mirror of many great open softwares? Yes, we already have this beast since 2001 and we have great applications sitting and hiding there. We are the proud official mirror of Eclipse, yes the one that have tiny link in the right page. We are also maintain Mozilla Firefox and its technology platform, Linux kernels and some softwares that come along, Debian and Debian Security, Debian Depok, Ubuntu, and many more. We also have RFCs, TLDP, Kepres and some laws, and many more.

Well, there was a reason why we didn't registered ourselves in the official Ubuntu repository and unregistered from official Debian repository. It was because of our server was lack of bandwith and was supposed to be used only for internal use of University of Indonesia. But, since the era of Ubuntu-ID, we didn't manage to do that (is it a bad thing or a good thing? :)). Anyway, there is more content that we can't display it in the front page of waiting to be discovered.

Have you ever know that have so many features that undocumented? For instance, this fantastic mail powered with Horde Groupware Webmail Edition have the ability to see some letter with Thread view. The mail also have the ability to have virtual folder, not just INBOX, but also we can set things up. We are also have two kind of display about deleted mails which apperently confusing some users. The old fashion display displays the deleted mails with strikeout font and to really delete it, one must click the expunge button. Another approach is like other mail client. Webmail hide it and display it in virtual folder named Trash. The button to delete it is Empty Trash.

Addition with our mail is the Filter that came along with it. Like another mail clients, we can set the filter to send certain Subject, Sender and Content to any sub folder. But, our client have more ability than that. It can read any header and read its content accordingly. This can be set to move any potential spam mail to have it treated in seperated folder apart from the main INBOX. I have used it to move any potential spam mail to the Junk folder and, sadly, I might the only one use this feature extensively.

So, this is what comes along as a barrier in our vast use ICT technology in University of Indonesia and I think this should be a problem across the globe. We are synchronized so fast with the technology but fail to make the users do the same thing. Our fast changing system that meets the demand of users and even succeed in predicting future users expectation trends fails to be adopted by the users.

I sometimes, as myself, grief over the things that our university student have. Actually, they have so many facilities that they, and maybe even I, didn't know. The facility is so far advanced but we tend to be left behind. This fast changing also meets the demand of documentation team and support team to be also in advance. Not to forget, the users also need to be reeducated and get used with the new trend.

If I look into the industry, especially hardware industry, I see they have slow adoption over technology. For instance, Javacard technology that we use in our smartcard uses Java 1.3 technology. Yes, it's a quite old, if not ancient, technology in a brand new card. But, there are benefits when using old technology such as great support, highly maintainability, and vast adoption.

I think industry is fond of something called stability and they're quite conservatives over this. They need to have a technology that can be produced and have it compatible with many others. That's why they are so slow in technological change. This may be true concerning it would cost them a lot to have new adopted technology in their brand including the cost of defective products and bugs. Imagine if one industry tries to have a late trend and then the trend goes the opposite way. The cost is unimaginable and the company may not be able to keep it.

Unfortunately, academic is not like industry. Academic world is a world full of inovations and idealism. It is our job to be in front of everything. The research world is firstly brought by this world. It is the world where the fast change is happening. This world is the incubator where the good stuff (and might be bad stuff also) born. How could you expect us to be left behind?

So, it's quite entertaining to keep the pace of delivering new technology and at the same time helping the users adopting the fast change.

Geez, I wish there exist study of technology in relation with humanity. I would describe this as the study of connecting geek and non geek. Is there existed already?

Anyway, as a disclaimer, this writing is only my personal point of view and not related to any of my work.

PS: this is about fast learning and slow adoption.
What do you know about faith? Sometimes it bothers me when people try to judge others from their point of view. Well, I know I do too, but, that's not something that should be accustomed to.

For those who force their believe over right divinity, I challenge you, did you ever face God? Have you ever done any miracle? Have you ever went to heaven and hell?

Is the concept of God really even exists? Is there a place call hell?

There is none that can be done to justify any scriptures 100% original or true. This is because almost all major religion today came in ancient time more than 1000 years, so no real witness. Any escavation would seems insufficient because of the deteriotating evidences over time. We can only have pieces.

You cannot prove God through science. These are the reason why scientific community tend to ban God from community:
  1. God works have no scientific ground as base theory. We can only see the end result without ever knowing where it comes from.
  2. The paper God wrote have no references from any scientific. So, it's hard to justify where the real idea is.
  3. Any scientist cannot perform the original works that God proclaim done. This is the opposite of any scientific discoveries which can be done by others to clarify the truth.
So, you out there trying to disbelieve other beliefs by force, don't be. You can convince people but not by forcing them. As disciple of God, you should have a real heavy burden. You must have just life and a sincere heart. You must prove that God is God.

All of the truths are just perceptions and final judgements. Those are something that people want to believe to be accepted as their mind digest.

So, what is right and what is wrong?

Is working in a night club is a sin? How can you say that every people that in the disco is sinful? Doesn't we the sinner? We, that have so many opportunity yet only try to enrich ourselves, care only to do our own living. Those who only know how to walk in darkness, how can they be judge because of something that they didn't even know?

How many people have the opportunity to go to college? How many people to have descent parents? How many people have good environment and friendly neighbours? How many people have the change to have their own dreams? How many people have dreams?

It takes hundreds of million of years to have fossils but we consume it in only 200 years. There are years taken to have a view, but we torn it in months. It takes many million years to have this earth but we desecrate it in, let's say, 200 to 300 years?

Is that what you call powerful?
Cinta itu mainan anak-anak, tetapi orang dewasa memperlakukannya dengan hati.

Love is a child's play, but grown up handle it with care.
How people would value themselves?
How people would value others?

There are many ways to describe how people are valued but all of those values falls into the grace of the one that valued. Those values sometimes may vary and falls into judgement and subjectivity. Nevertheless, value is something that detemines actions against the valued which under concequence can bring destructive result or something good.

Now, how do you value your life?

In my first year, I learn that in Statistics we have three types of values. But, because of my degrading of knowledge, I can only provide two types of values which is, I think, really matters on this scope of writing.

The first type of value is NOMINAL. This type of value is the type of value that falls into the grace of concencus. The real example of this type of value is the value that written in your money, e.g. Rp 50,00 or Rp 1000,00. The next good example is the grade of your school lesson. They would grade you from scale 0 to 10, 0 to 4, or just simply from A to F.

This type of value have something in common:

First, their grade is based on rought estimation. The value is calculated based on some part of estimated examination of the valued.

For example, to judge one's overall Mathematics capability, the academic system use grades based on the paperworks and tests. Even if the test is grading on a subject, they only cover some parts of every subject, which determined by the tester to tell which part is the most important and may represents the whole. The tests then graded based on scale and using standard means or weighted means calculation then the end result determines the one value.

Second, their grade is based on the subjectivity. From the mathematics grading example, we can see that how many times we may say that something is objective, it would end as something subjective. Now, if for instance we have a test about vectors. What would be fit to the test? Tester, the teacher, would choose parts that they mostly understand or have taught.

Third, their grade is based on the situation at the time. Even if the value would mostly representate the one being valued, it would mostly represents the valued at the time. Imagine this, you are in the street and you take the picture of it. You may say the value is the picture of that street at that time, but how far the street changes, the picture would never change.

When one being tested of any subjects, there are many things would affect one's thinking effectiveness. At the time, the test subject may understand it very well because of the preparation before. The test subject may also becomes failure because at the time the test subject running the test late, on unpleasant environment, anxiety, or the health of test subject makes the test subject cannot be one true self. But, whatever the condition at the time, it would in the end represents all the time took.

Four, THIS TYPE OF VALUE IS NOT REAL. Yes, my friend, this type of value is not real. Once in my Statistics class, my dean/teacher* asked us about a case of a drop out student. It is an anomaly for a high passing grade faculty to have failure in their class. If they are failure wouldn't they failed from the start?

I simply concluded at the time by saying human is a changing variable. You may be hero for most of the time, but at certain times, you may be a pain in the ass. You may be failure for most of your life time, but at some important time, there may be times where only you who can fill the vacancy.

This judgement actually also comes from a point of view. If we broaden the view, then we would say that the student is not a failure. He is trying to make his family survive. Which by this type of objective point of value, he is in the next step of success.

The perspective of thinking also making one judgement over other answer is vary. How can you tell the richness of a person?

When my dean/teacher* asked us why Indian people would study in America and never returns while Indonesian would do otherwise, I give my short answer saying that Indonesian students are rich students. Of course I know not all Indonesian people are come from high income families. Many Indonesian students depends on scholarship. But, when they come back, they would be treasured. They would have jobs and they have potential to gain high income. In the end, they would be a rich people with probability of more thatn 95%.

Imagine of Indians, when they got back, they would be treasured based on their order status, no matter how far they achieve. Their potential of being rich is thus nothing compared by Indonesians because their order status. Indians do not own the land they were born, but Indonesians does. So, by my point of view based on the potential of being rich, Indonesians is a rich person while Indians not.

But, then again, my perspective at the time is not de facto as the correct one. Because, in other point of view, Indians is the rich people while Indonesians not. They would respect Indian over Indonesian in terms of software developer employment. Their culture is more recognise than the whole of Indonesian. Dangdut music is simply from India.

In the end, the way how NOMINAL value are given is based on a short periode of time and in a perspective point of view. That's why nominal would never represents the real value. So, why are we using nominal values?

The new Indonesian Curriculum has put out the ranking system down. The tendency of misusing student's rank report is making the educators, parents, and students biased against the true purpose of education system. They have their mindset to achieve higher rank, greater value in school report than to have the students understands the academic subjects. By making the ranking system thrown out, the false thinking may also be thrown away and making the education system in the right track.

NOMINAL value have the tendency of misleading people from knowing who they are. It has an effective way to make people choose the improper action and making their mindset incorrectly written. But, NOMINAL value is not as bad as it seems.

By using rank tests and paperworks, the educators would evaluate how effective their teaching. The test result would make the students understand what have they miss in the evaluation. Parents would also can see how much their children progressing.

So, nominal value could be use as a tool to evaluation so that one can go further. That's it. But it can never be the true color of oneself.

Now, consider this. How many times it takes for you to build your own degree? How much the cost that spent on you education?

You have live until this very moment of reading this blog. How many food do you take? How many attention you have took from people surround you? How much cost have spent on you?

Even if you are considered ugly at this time, but how much cost spent on nursering you?
Even if you are not a perfect person, how many people have spent their time knowing you?
Even if you have no people behind you or everyone have cause you difficult time, how much it takes to make you at this point?

The price of molding one into something is called INTRINSIC value. This type of value is represents the real value of the valued. It represents the total cost that have been spent to have the current state.

So, why not think of your intrinsic value instead of nominal value?

*Note: At that time he is our Dean and also our Statistics Teacher
Never explain yourself to anyone. Because the person who likes you doesn't need it, and the person who dislikes you won't believe it.

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Berapa banyak orang, yang karena kekesalannya yang mencapai titik kulminasi, yang sebenarnya ingin mendapatkan perhatian yang lebih, yang berharap agar dia mengerti akan kepedulian yang ditunjukkan, yang berharap bahwa sebenarnya dalam kebingungan, dan yang sebenarnya berusaha meluruskan kesalahpahaman, berkata melebihi yang sebenarnya tidak ia maksudkan?

Inilah yang disebut salah kata. Maafkanlah mereka yang telah salah kata kepadamu. Sebab engkau tahu, bahwa sesungguhnya mereka hanya sedang memperhatikanmu tanpa tahu apa yang mereka sedang katakan.

Maafkanlah mereka untuk berusaha berada di duniamu, untuk menjangkaumu dan mengatakan bahwa kau tidak sendirian.