Do you think that little thing you do doesn't affect people? Do you think that you are minor in others ring of influence? The answer is: nope!

In 24th December 2005 ago, I was using my handphone caps to masively send Christian people in my list a X-mas greeting. With just one message, I sent them all.

Few of them responded back, many didn't. ;( *GRIN*

But, one message from a friend touched me. I'm grateful that my greeting encourage the person. I'm so glad. I thought it just a message; it hurt not to me to send them; and, it's not a big deal. Well, it is a big deal for someone to know that a person is right before the person side when the person feeling down. To be strong is to have feeling of not alone.

My father forced me to call Medan to greet my relatives there. I though, what's the deal, it is only a call.

I (supposed to) called them just to say hai and marry x-mas.

Things changed in the process. It ended to be another blabbing and I can hear them there were very happy. Even my granny, she felt very happy that day. She always tried to me (thought it ended quickly because she couldn't understand Bahasa Indonesia and I couldn't speak Bataknese fluently). I can hear from the voice of my grandma, she's very very very happy. Ough, I felt sorry that night, how ignorant I was. We have never greet her in a long time.

I realized one thing from two thing above: I must try to care more to everyone. Loneliness is good, but togethet is better. Don't live just for yourself.

Well, people, don't hate yourself for what you are. Every life has a meaning. Tiny spot in the universe affecting the world.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Believe me or not, people used to have happy smilling face. And then, by the time they grew old, something came along. Some of the factors that may formed a person, typically are:
  1. Older people doesn't keep their word, the child learn to disrespect them. In the end, the child grow older too and, guest what, do the same thing to the other.
  2. Someone yelled at you and then you felt your surrounding is beginning to become hostile. Then, guest too, you grown into a person that have so much emotion. You are easily become angry.
  3. Someone disrespect you at the past. No matter who they are, at what degree of the person valuable to you. You felt then, guest what, you tempted to do the same thing to others.
  4. You are left alone. This makes you feel unwanted. You grow into someone with weird stuff and, guest what, you're not alone, almost all people felt the same! That's what the city's illness.
Argh, I'm gettin' bored here. So much illness these people have. Why don't you try to reconcile? Forgiveness is the cure for your pain. Loving and caring are the future of you.

Argh, this is becoming dull. Good bye, I'm finished writing here. My TKBASDAT already sent, I have no reason in 1 o'clock in the morning sittin' in front of computer.
We must respect women because:
  1. They hurt themselves by using high heels.
  2. They torcher themselves by taking their hair in unwanted body parts.
  3. They imprison their life by taking weirdo diets.
  4. They trash away their lifespan just to do make up, which in the end ruining their skins and making them look older in 30 (man, I wonder how could people put mercury in their skin just to look better in short days). Spending most of their time to nourish their skin.
  5. They humiliate themselves by become walking frontpage using their little sister's dress. Endangered themselves by exposing their good bodies to perverts that ready to do some "experiments". Aren't they learning that man like to see sexy lady, but their possesion is private matter. Yup, we are selfish being. Ups.... You don't hear that from me (Niles: The Nanny III).
  6. They fake orgasm, but man fake their love. OK, I'm singing Suryadi Sudirja song not Sisco's.
  7. They believe in urban legends than the facts. E.g. UL: man love beautiful ladies. Fact: Many beautiful ladies ended virgin/trashed but many ordinary women last their relationship with man.
They have suffer a lot. Guys, they must be respected! There are special reason too, they are mothers and one of them is yours.
"Crap, what the heck is this...."

This line is what I'm experiencing all the time with many of my associates. Truly, I cannot see what the heck they up to with their programs. If a program is a painting, then those are like playgroups pastel drawing!

There are couple of important things they've forget. Those are rules of thumb:
  2. Modulatization.
  3. Layers.
  4. Coupling: Craps don't fit in!
We must understand that a program is a flow of doing something. Let me tell you the history.

Take a look of these piece of primitive codes:

mov ax, bx

At the above, we said that copy ax to bx, and then store and then stop. You see, even primitive codes have their own story.

And then, at the more advance, we have a wonderful group of codes that can be called many times. They are called subprograms, methods, procedures, etc. It was intended to create new philosophy called: RE-USE. Now, don't be like modern Christians that know what love is but not live with it.

RE-USE is a beautiful phrase of one for a job. Think of this, specialized part of program to handle something. Specialized means they are good at it, no need to do it in others. It means, doctors are there to cure someone, pilots are drivers of airplanes, banci salons are there to distribute gossips. Doctors don't fly a plane, banci salons don't cure illness, and pilots not there to distribute gossips among us.

This terms lead us to the term of modularization. Now, don't be frightened by the word. It just an advance philosophy of programming. It means, everyone in this world have their own functions. That's why God creates us distinctly. Each of us has our own part. No need to be shame of what you are! God has a plan for you!

If every one become apostles, where are the disciples? If everyone are priests/priestess, who would be the missionary? Who would be a whitness of God's love?

Every subprograms (call them methods or procedures, whatever) has its function. So, we don't need to ask a commedian to join our cause to wage a war (I can imagine the Three Stooges goes to war, but Charlie Chaplin do the salutation?). Distinct each subprogram so that we can use them with efficient manner.

Next, can you imagine, would you willing to eat in a restaurant where the cashier is sweeping the floor and the chef is wash someone's puke from the floor and then the chef go to the kitchen and cook something for you while you pay money to the cashier. After that, the cashier bring you your fave meals. Uhm, yammy, it's great! Not!

Even if they have washed their hands, we still felt disguisting of their doing in our memory. That's why in a restaurant (a good one, sanitized one) have front office, kitchen, and steward in different position. That's the same with programming. We differentiate each part of a program to do specific things.

Think of this way, can you eat a beaf stick after you saw the chef butchered the cow. See how it is cretinized in instance in front of your eyes? That's why elite restaurants doesn't show their kitchen in public!

That's why, they separate model and view! Leave the bitchy stuff in some parts, let the other parts become a public relation (or you could call them interface).

Good programs do such thing! They differentiate the levels. They called them layers. They called them API (Application Programming Interface, not Java's API) a.k.a. library.

Think of organization of society: Low paid labor do the hardwork, man at the office do their business and then politicians gave their speech to said that this nation is growing up. The more level of a part in hierarchy, the more it become intelligence and simple. This is called wrapper. A WRAPPER is a subprogram that binds several subprograms in previous level to do specific things. This philosophy called ENCAPSULATION.

Ah, shoot! I'm beginning to be bored here! Argh..! One more to go!

Do you feel empty? "Bengawan Solo" rings a bell to you? How many people ended their life by suicide! How many people lost they will to fight after their SO (Significant Other, if some geek read this one). How many people singing Skeeter Davis' song? Or a crappy band: Peter Pan's?

This called coupling. How many subprograms/programs may failed, or instantly doing weird stuff after we change a line of code in a subprograms? How many nights we've spend wondering around why our programs start to print Segmentation Fault? How many nights we are whinning after seeking answer to the fallen programs?

Good programs don't terminate themselves after a serious error. Good handler is needed! Each programs must not dependant too. OK, this is not what coupling about. Forget about this paragraph.

Crap! I'm bored now! See further what coupling is in om Google.

Ok, let me explain a little bit. When your lover start to bitching you, your heart start to empty. That's why, some people like Pope (and pastors) and Sidharta (and monks) stops to entrust their heart to a person but God alone. So that their heart can be full of peacefull things. Although their hearts still carring for other person, but they are independent. They are gracefully living alone like Lone Ranger and singing Godsmack's song.

Let me summarized this:
  1. Comments let your program be traceable and identified.
  2. Programs are best being modularize so that we can maintain them. We can quarantine bugs and examine flaws in our design.
  3. Lower layer do the dirty works, the above layer arrange them beautifully. Like Web Service encapsulate TCP/IP, UDP/IP creation. Or, like System.out.println() encapsulates the converting object into string section and printing section.
  4. The degree of a part of a program (or a program) dependent to other (part) programs is called coupling. Good designed program try to lower coupling.
I manage myself become a crappy person. I just realized that yesterday, when I was tried to study Special Topic: Database for the exam today. I was unreliable for someone who would study hard. Even my father said:
"Yeah, right, like you would wake up and study in that time."
When I said:
"Dad, I will set the alarm for the 03.00 AM in the morning to study."

Uh, oh, I was trying to study that day. But, I was diminishing my mind by watching Koreans Teenage Movie DVDs. That's right folks, all day long. From 07.00 AM to 05.30 PM (with brake to take a glass of water and get something for my lunch).

More than five titles I watched that day. From My Little Bride to My Sassy Girl! Yeah! I have polluted myself with craps. Long live craps!

Ok, folks, back to the topic. I was actually managed to wake up at 03.00 AM to stop the alarm and then I just close my eyes just a little bit to have it ready to study. Ah, by the time they were ready, it was 04.30 in the morning. *SIGH* I learned not long enough.

Ora .. Ora.. Ora! Ganbatte JP-san!

Next semester I will get serious! I will prove myself to everyone (including my family) that I, JP the Great, was one of the historically serious person! Was the one blessed with ability to read books for hours! Was the one who enjoyed in class, paying attention to the teacher! Was the one who loved Discreete Math than Kungfu Boy comic! Never fall asleep in class! Never read a comic in class! The one that study more than five minutes! He lasted more than two hours in his study!

Oh, dear... another false dream. *SIGH*

Long live crap! Crap you all! Argh... this pain... this ... pain .... Must ... have c... co...mics! -_-'
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