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Once upon a time, Eureka Corp. has a catasthrophy going on. Their system are collapse.

Boss : "Jane, call the IT management immediately! Why are our system ruin and no backup plans?"
Jane : "I'm sorry, sir, the system was created by X-Files Team and our IT team cannot recover it
Boss : "So, where are those who were the member of the former X-Files."
Jane : "They are out there, we have lost track of them."
Boss : "Damn! Why are we using unsupported system?"
Jane : "Well, sir, we did have one of the former member left, John Doe."
Boss : "John Doe? Seems like familliar name. So, where is he?"
Jane : "He was that person whom you have spoken on the funeral last week. He was the one on the coffin, sir."
Boss : "WTF?!!! Btw, don't we have any documentation about the system?"
Jane : "We do have the artifacts, sir. That's why our IT team are trying to study it."
Boss : "Why took them forever, am I paying them to high? How can those braniacs hired high doing something so lame in this crucial time time?"
Jane : "We must run into some bureaucracies to obtain the artifact."
Boss : "What? How come"
Jane : "Sir, we are using 3rd party vendor to help us build the system. Our system was about 5 years ago and the maintenance contract was only 4 years 11 months 7 days, which means it was over last month."
Boss : "Ah.. right, I remember we cut the contract due to expensive expenses over IT. Damn, technology! They are so money eater. Ah, that company was bought by SciFactor, which owned by Blasphemy who also own one of our competitors. That's why we agreed to stop the contract."

The Boss chilin' his nerves. He is frustrated by the condition. His 20 years hardwork could be lost just in days. Memories begin to fall. His tone changes, deep sadness are written in it.

Boss : "Jane, I don't know about the future of our company. We already lost much because of this.... Oh, what am I going to tell our employee. They ... are so close."
Jane : "Sir, I remember someone tell me about another IT solution."
Boss : "..."
Jane : "He said it is a cheap solution. People out there call it open source project."
Boss : "I know you just want to cheer me up. Why we would risk more on using hackers playground?"
Jane : "But, sir, I heard they are getting better. There are communities behind them, even some IT company join them."
Boss : "Some, not all. How do you expect us to rely again on no support system?"
Jane : "Sir, there are rapid development going on over the open source project. Many have grown into stable and mature system. Even so, features are easyly added because of the openness of the source code."
Boss : "You said open, that's mean we are opening our system into other? I remember, those programs usually GPL'ed. My assosiates grumbled that we must provide the source code"
Jane : "No, sir, we don't. Data and programs are different types of thing, we can protect them."
Boss : "How can it be? "
Jane : "When we create our new system based on the open source project, that's called derivative work, that's GPL'ed. But, products such as documents, mails, passwords, logo, etc. are us. Moreover, GPL'ed softwares are distributed with source code, since we are creating a private system, we don't want to distribute it, so, why we bother about the source code falls into the other?"

The Boss stop a while to think. His secretary got the point. This company aren't trying to distribute it, we are only end users. We can still protect our modification, besides, we have community behind it. Aha... got it!

Boss : "Why aren't you tell me long time ago? This solution is the best solution that meet our demand. This is the best take and give solution."
Jane : "???"
Boss : "We can tell our IT teams to study open source project and try to interact with the community behind it. If necessary, be a part of it."
Jane : "How is it possible, sir?"
Boss : "Listen, Jane, when we build our current system, people are paid to maintain it. Instead of paid explicitly, why don't we use our IT to learn the system and getting themself brained about the system. So, we will have all of our IT teams can get the system up and running."

The Boss cheer up.

Boss : "Not only that, we can share some of our source code and our workaround bug killer. Thus, the system and the open source project can be benefit from it. Think of this way, we could obtain more knowledge from the community and test our own knowledge by shares them to the community. Two heads better than one, isn't it?"
Jane : "I think I got your point, sir."
Boss : "We could also spend of our bugdets to support the community. By my rough analysis, it is cheaper than hiring 3rd party vendor. Besides, we can get new skilled IT labor from the community. Our training programs would be decreased also."
Jane : "Ah, I see, I think it is better to do that. Sir, I often sees some of our IT modify of their code. They said it is easy because of the modularity. They can build new modules if they want it. I think by hacking into the source code, they become more enjoyed."
Boss : "You are amazing, how can you talk to geeks like that? Nevermind."

They laugh.

Boss : "Well, we could make steps to migrate our system. Incompatibility is the own that I'm afraid of. But, we could make road to transform our system from time to time."

And then the boss starting to call everyone to attend a meeting.

Boss : "Btw, how could you know such thing so eloquently?"
Jane : "I was John Doe's wife."
Boss : "What??? How could a beautiful lady like you marry geek like that?"

The story forcefully to be continued... If not, this entry would be a novel and my friend, Anton, asked me to eat (half hour ago).

Open source project as business solution.
Yesterday, I remembered a TV show from Japan: TV Champion. The episode I remembered was the episode about people who eat spicy food. There was a person who from the start never sweat while others already sweat and have red face. We though he would be the winner, obviously. He fond of Mexican food.

During the last final round, everybody started to faint. Even that strongest contestant starting to sweat. Nobody have done their meal. So, the judge must decide who was the winner.

After the judgement, the winner title fell to ... unexpected person: the boxer.

What, how could it be? It should be the Mexican food guy, not this person. This person didn't even count as competitors. But, these words from him salute me:
When I was on my meal, I felt uneasy about this. But, when the referee said it's almost over, I looked into others and then started to concentrate. I began to finish my meal. I was left behind, but I tried to chase.

He began to chase and tried to ignore his pain. He never counted his inabillity but with fine guts he took what he could.

Never give up.
Keep fighting.
There will be a way through hardwork.
bekerjasama dengan KPLI Jakarta dan Majalah CHIP

Seminar Debian Conference 2: Debian untuk Semua


Acara seminar ini mengambil 4 buah topik meliputi:

1. Security Policy di Debian
Sebagai distribusi Linux yang telah lama ada, Debian memiliki
kebijakan keamanan (security policy) yang kuat. Pada sesi ini, segala
macam kebijakan kemanan yang diterapkan dalam distribusi Linux ini
akan dijabarkan.

Pembicara: Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim (Staf pengajar Fakultas Ilmu
Komputer UI dan pengasuh vLSM)

2. Instalasi dan Manajemen Software
Debian dikenal sebagai distribusi Linux yang memiliki teknik instalasi
dan manajemen paket software dan repositorinya yang mengagumkan. Namun
belum banyak orang yang tahu lebih jauh mengenai teknik-teknik
instalasi sehingga seringkali mengalami kesulitan pada saat instalasi
paket software. Pada sesi ini akan dibahas segala macam tentang
instalasi, manajemen dan repositori paket software pada Debian
termasuk distribusi Linux turunannya.

Pembicara: Noprianto (Pengurus dan aktivis KPLI)

3. Demo Distribusi Turunan Debian
Pembuatan suatu distribusi Linux tidak harus selalu dimulai dari awal.
Banyak distribusi yang menggunakan distribusi Linux lain yang sudah
ada sebagai basis pengembangannya. Pada sesi acara ini akan
diperlihatkan distribusi-distribusi karya anak bangsa dimana
menjadikan Debian sebagai basis pembuatannya.

Pembicara: Rusmanto tema 'Knoppix bagi Tuna Netra' dan Pemenang
kompetisi tema 'Distribusi untuk Warnet'.

4. Membangun Access Wireless Point
Mahalnya sebuah embedded router wireless access point membuat para
administrator jaringan mencoba mencari alternatif lain dalam pembuatan
wireless access point. Pada sesi acara ini, akan diperlihatkan
alternatif pembuatan wireless access point dengan menggunakan komputer
biasa yang tentu saja lebih murah dan lebih mudah diatur.

Pembicara : Gladi Guardin (Staf Pusat Pengembangan Sistem Informasi UI)


Richard M. Stallman (tokoh pendiri Free Software Foundation) akan
berbicara mengisi acara seminar via teleconference.
Beliau akan membawakan topik tentang "The Free Software Movement and
The GNU/Linux Operating System".


Sabtu, 3 Desember 2005 dimulai pukul 09.00 bertempat di:

Gedung Pusat Studi Jepang
Kampus Universitas Indonesia, Depok


---- Harga Sebelum H-7 ------

Non-Paket CD Debian 3.1r0 (Sarge)*
Mahasiswa Rp 45.000,00
Umum Rp 70.000,00

Paket CD Debian 3.1r0 (Sarge)*
Mahasiswa Rp 100.000,00
Umum Rp 125.000,00

-------- Harga H-7 ----------

Non-Paket CD Debian 3.1r0 (Sarge)*
Mahasiswa Rp 50.000,00
Umum Rp 75.000,00

Paket CD Debian 3.1r0 (Sarge)*
Mahasiswa Rp 110.000,00
Umum Rp 130.000,00

*CD Debian 3.1r0 (Sarge) terdiri dari 14 CD yang dapat disediakan
panitia secara terpisah dengan mengganti ongkos jasa sebesar Rp

Tiket dapat dipesan melalui ticket box kami di Gedung B Fasilkom
lantai 2 Depok (CP Lusi 08128047318) dan dapat pula dilakukan via
online http://debconf.vlsm.org/register.php


Peserta akan mendapatkan Seminar Kit berupa majalah/tabloid, handout,
CD distro debian, sertifikat dan makan siang.


Sponsor Partner: RISTEK

Media Partner : Info Linux

-Seksi Humas, Media dan Publikasi
Debian Conference 2
I wish for the world become better.

I wish that 5.000.000 people never die because of extreme poverty everyday while on the other part of the world people throw away their food because of their dislike.

I wish everybody really in search for God and not pretending to live with it. So, no more people go jihad and no religion lost it's face. Thus, those atheists never laugh at a man who in search for the own existance by admitting The Supreme Being.

I wish people in Indonesia knows the word Homeostasis. So, they wouldn't cut off the wood in the rain forrest. May they know that rain forest is a belt in equator that create balance in weather.

I wish they know that the sudden change of the climate that happen in these past years. Normally it change in 30 years.

I wish they know what cause Cathrina and her sisters.

I wish they know that European people pay to Indonesia for the rain forest maintenance.

I wish they know why their crop doesn't produce much anymore.

I wish they know what they are doing with their lands, seas, and lands. So, they know why they become poorer. So that, they have the ability to depend on nature.

I wish they learn not to spill their trash randomly and they know how many million cubics they alone produce.

I wish they learn to count economic by micro not just macro. So that they know what are the condition of Indonesian economic.

I wish they do the Cooperation and not to support few people that call themselves conglomerate. They, who could easily run into the oversea land. They, who cause misfortune and falling of the major corporates.

I wish they learn and see by statistic that the one that survive from the crisis is small-medium business, not the one that has corporate assets.

I wish they see what Bung Hatta sees, not the one that Bung Karno sees. So, they know what are the advantages in people economics over lighthouse politics.

I wish my country could grown up and learn from mistake.

I wish my countrymen could spell the word "Indonesia" in the right way.

I wish I could have a nice vacation so I could relax myself and pretend not to care about all that thing.

~Oh, Fasilkom... teganya dikau. Tugas SPK, Tekkom, KP, dan TA...
~Andai aku bisa pulang kampung...