Biblical Beauty Workshop 2: Wonder Woman 

Lighthouse Youth GPHI (@LYouthGPHI), my Church, open up a new workshop for empowering women, the second. Throughout the speakers, everyone will be blessed with knowledge of God, make up tips and self-esteems as beautiful God's ambassador. If you have time, please come at:

Saturday, 27 September 2014
12.30 - 18.30 WIT (GMT+7)

GPHI Pondok Kelapa
Jalan Lembah Pinang Raya Blok I1/17
Pondok Kelapa  - Duren Sawit
Jakarta Timur 13450


  1. Citra Scholastika - Singer
  2. Khati Cai - International Make Up Artist
  3. Mara Badudu - JPCC Woman Pastor
  4. Michele E. Surjaputra - Owner of Bonchon Chicken


  • Student: Rp 20.000,00
  • Others: Rp 25.000,00

Contact Person

  • Tintin (081314365838)
  • Desi (081282999280)

Throughout these years I constantly making experiment about how our society perceive about the societal changes. The overhaul of sexist strata and the privilege reformations follow. Note that every change could be perceived as progress or detrimental to the society.

The foremost subject that I run is about the opposite of manliness perceived by the oldies vs modern women. The modern era allow women go out from the kitchen into the office. They can have career and enjoy the privilege that men were exclusively had in years.

And, can men also do the reverse? Can men also enjoy the privilege of what women do in the past? Can men move from office into the kitchen?

And the answer on this era is: NO.

While women could reverse their role, men are not allowed to do the same in this society. Society will punish you when a man tries to do that. They will put a healthy man who chose to be at home dad as an irresponsible not-a-man person.

If a woman's worth could be rewritten, why not the other way around?

Again, this is a sign of how modern society can so easily be rewritten by monetary purpose. It is not a bad thing. But, that also indicates that people only see money as benchmark for survival.

Women are allowed to work so that this society could progress and sustain. They are allowed to make a living for themselves and for the help to their respective families.

So, yeah, all in all, the society at this time is not on a time where chivalry would be questioned. Because, interestingly, feminism would barks at a guy who gives his seat to a healthy woman. That's a sign of weakness.

Giving a seat is a statement of men are above women. Reality speaks otherwise, women still enjoy that primordial spirit of men are above women. And when will this thinking would be shifted towards feminism?

I hope feminism doesn't reach Indonesia in my active lifetime. It would be a hassle for me to hurdle thoughts of which have been planted throughout my childhood. I wish when the time comes, they would go easy on men that still live in chivalry.